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Frank Cancian – Lacedonia – An Italian Town, 1957

An earlier post about Frank Cancian’s seminal photographic work ‘Un Paese’ in Lacedonia, Irpinia. Thank’s to Douglas Stockdale



Copyright Frank Cancian 2013 published by Delta 3 Edizioni

An anthropologist by training and a photographer as a passion, these two elements were fused together in 1957 when Frank Cancian investigated a small Italian hill-top community located east of Naples. This body of work could also pass for a photojournalist story found in either LIFE or LOOK magazines of this same period.

As a trained observer of culture and society, Cancian did not remain aloof and at a distance, but directly interacted with his subjects, catching them in self-reflection as well as allowing them to boldly face his lens. For a small Italian town, an Italian-American stranger with a camera was an oddity, thus his presence was conspicuous. Nevertheless, over time he was able to blend in and become more of an objective observer.

The book is divided into four sections; The Town, The Piazza, Procession of Our Lady of…

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