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New L’Americana … from Calitri


Spaghetti …

Spaghetti & ARTE was an indirect omaggio to the films of Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone, that sub genre of low-budget Italian Western films of the ’60s – Spaghetti Westerns. And for the legendary (and oft imitated but never mastered) Moscaritolo family recipe for ‘sughetto’ & spaghetti.
(Don’t kidd yourself, people came from miles just to eat it …)

As every film buff / geek knows, Spaghetti Westerns were known for their cheap locations too, having been shot mostly in Spain. And so, to organize an art-gallery event with zero money, little or no lighting, the images hung on found nails, wire and door handles: you could almost hear Ennio Morricone’s lone-hero music drifting through the alleys.Of course few people got this but me. Not to mention the usual rival between outlaw gangs (vicinettis vs. the art crowd?) though that was just the beginning, or the end, depending on how you framed it …

P1050100.JPGEven so, the’Serato Evento’was another


Teresa’s Tabacaria another tableau
Makardia, musica e storie d’amore e tranzumanza

L’Americana local-girl-makes-good event.
There is a strong grassroots movement in these parts of Eastern or Alta Irpinia now to (re)valorize a historically neglected and certainly very far off the beaten path land, landscape & possibly vanishing culture – Teresa’s 90 year old Tabacaria on via Fontana, the epicenter of the event, never looked better nor attracted more attention…
Irpinian towns are few and far between with strong individual identities traditions and yes, dialects. Well, even spaghetti and how you make it, is different in every town.

To keep up on the goings on in these parts follow blogs like Piccoli Paesi or the cultural initiatives and happenings of CARBONARIA of Aquilonia & Bisaccia or the photography and artisan events in Lacedonia and Cairano 7x


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