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L’Americana C’era Una Volta – Presepe Vivente


Casa dei Poveri

I thought I would flash back to a Presepe Vivente from a few years ago in classic B/W. It was Christmas 2006, my first in the town, and the Centro Storico was alive with adults and kids preparing for the annual live manger scene played out in a cavernous cave on via Alfonso del Re. Hundreds of people from around Irpinia travel to Calitri each year to snake through the natalizia dressed narrow streets of the old village to view the Holy Family nestled deep inside the grotto filled with hay, kept warm by their sleeping animals, among other offerings …

The manger’s donkey hesitates…
Boys in costume

Along with the live manger – complete with the visitation of the 3 Kings – empty houses stone grottos and rooms are dressed out in late 19th century scenes; the butcher the baker and the candlestick maker … with Calitrani playfully playing the costumed parts. There are baby angels caroling to the live Baby Jesus …chestnuts roasting, traditional singing and dancing, plenty of imbibing and eating that continue
all through the night …

C’era una volta …


The Presepe Vivente is nearly an Italian national tradition that has touched many small mountain villages and is always a wonderful time. Tanti Auguri di Buon Natale from Calitri

Come. Visit. Vi aspetto!

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